My Journey

Hi there my healthy friends,

I thought I would take a moment and tell you a little about my journey and what helped inspire this beautiful site. Growing up I was really active, constantly involved in sports. I was never a sick kid, though I guess I wouldn’t have classified myself as the epitome of health either. I ate a ton of junk that came out of wrappers and boxes, ate out quite a bit, and cringed at the mere mention of vegetables. This suited me alright for awhile, but gradually I became a little more and more overweight, sluggish, mentally foggy and unpredictable with my mood swings.

Through a series of weird events I found myself at a screening of Crazy, Sexy Cancer, a documentary by Kris Carr that forever changed my life and the way I look at food. Kris had an amazing story of overcoming her stage 4 terminal cancer by turning to juicing and eating a whole food, plate based diet. That power excited me more than anything else ever did. The accountability involved in admitting you were a facilitator, the wisdom in understanding that it can be reversed, and the strength to follow through is so inspiring. I knew as soon as I walked out of that screening that my life would be dedicated to the pursuit of health one way or another.

So I started my own journey. I experimented with every sort of diet whether it be vegetarian, vegan, paleo, sugar-free, etc. Each had its own appeals but sticking solely to one just never worked for me – I still felt a little off. The truth of it was, I was sold on the preconceived health advice that I ignored what my body was telling me. I was only eating “healthy” foods and forcing myself to fit in high endurance workouts that I was actually causing stress for my body, propelling the exact opposite outcome of what I intended.

I’m a constant reader and I love learning about different point of views when it comes to health and I updates what I eat in accordance. Slight tweaks here and there have really evolved my diet to be optimal for me. I started to listening how my body would respond to what I ate rather than following along with what was perceived as “healthy”. Instead of feeling like I was fighting to swim upstream, it really started to feel like I was riding a current toward health and happiness. The excess pounds started flying off, my energy soared, I could think clearly again.

So for those of you asking the same question I asked myself when starting out- Where am I going wrong? – this blog is my answer.

Now go on and let all aspects of wellness run through you, open up your heart for the bigger things in life.

Health, Love and Happiness,