Local to Boston

If you’re around the Boston area make sure you give these businesses a try. They are some of my favorites!

Boston Public Market - One of my favorite places to go in Boston is the Public Market. You will find me there every weekend browsing the bounty of each stand. They have such an array of vendors you are sure to find exactly what you’re looking for. Here’s just a taste of what you can find! Stillmans Farm – … Continue reading Boston Public Market
Dig Inn - Branching out of New York, Dig Inn is a new counter service restaurant in Back Bay serving seasonally, fresh foods. You build off of a base of grains or lettuce or you can go straight for the topping (which is what I always do!) The flavor combinations are fantastic and each time I go in … Continue reading Dig Inn
Jugos - Best juice bar located at Back Bay Station.I guarantee that you’ll smell it before you see the tiny store, but it truly is an oasis among the hectic bustle of day to day travel. Every time I walk into the station my senses are assaulted with their wonderfully fresh smelling juices. And with the island music … Continue reading Jugos
Sweetgreen - Quick counter service offering locally sourced organic meals Located on Boyleston and Dartmouth in Back Bay
Classpass - Okay so not exclusively local to Boston, but another major feature that this city has to offer. I joined Classpass last summer and it still has not gotten old for me. New classes are constantly being added and I’ve adopted a weekly routine that features all of my favorite workouts and instructors. I absolutely love … Continue reading Classpass
PRESSED - I always find an excuse to head over to Beacon Hill for the sole purpose of going to PRESSED. It’s a cute little store that is perfectly located on the historic Charles Street. They have fresh pressed juice that is pre stocked so you can grab and go if you’re in a hurry. But if … Continue reading PRESSED