Kris Carr

What a vibrant woman! She is the true embodiment of a wellness warrior. After surviving terminal cancer she now thrives on a whole foods, plant based diet preaching love and acceptance in all aspects of my life. She is the one who kick started my journey in finding health and wellness and I know that she will provide the same inspiration for you.

I highly recommend watching the documentary Crazy, Sexy Cancer and reading her book  Crazy, Sexy Diet to get started.


After watching her documentary I went on to read her book which really helped to clarify all that she had learned on her journey. Not only does she talk about the foods that our body needs to be nourished, but she expands to the mind as well. You will discover so many techniques to heal in this book and I highly recommend checking it out. You can find it on her website:

CrazySexyLoveNotesI received Crazy, Sexy Love Notes as a gift and I feel in love the moment I oped the box. Every card is uniquely painted and has a different piece of wisdom written on it. If you are ever in need of a little encouragement or motivation you can turn to these cards and it will instantly inspire you to be your truest self and keep pursuing your happiness. Make sure to pick up a set for you or a loved one. You can find them on her site:


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