Joe Cross

He is an inspiration for proving that no matter where you are in life you can make a positive change and stick to it. After refusing to deem his chronic disease as normal he made a drastic lifestyle and decided to juice for 60 days. This allowed his body to start repairing after years of damage due to eating, drinking, stress and sleep deprivation. Joe was able to turn his life around and is still inspiring people along his journey.

I was lucky enough to listen to him speak during his 2015 tour. The thing I love most about his message is that he advocates against the black and white approach to eating. Every choice we make depends on the current situation and limiting ourselves indefinitely is setting us up for failure. If we are very active in replenishing our body with love and nutrients throughout the week and we wish to indulge in a small helping of some sweet treat, then we should be able to. But only if we are able to accept this action without reproach and limit our indulgence. What a message!

Check out his page and all the resources he provides:


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