I wouldn’t be in the position I am today without the guidance of my trendsetting gurus. I believe wholeheartedly in their approach to life, health and fitness. My approach to these things are much the same. Please take a look at these inspiring people, trust me, you won’t regret it.

The only good thing to do with good advice is pass it on; it is never of any use to oneself.
― Oscar Wilde


Jason Vale

Jason is a personal inspiration to me. His passion about obtainable health is abundant when he talks. He believes in the power of nutrient rich juicing and the amazing benefits that it has on our health. His documentary Super Juice Me showed the journey of a group of people fighting off chronic disease through a juice … Continue reading Jason Vale

Jon Gabriel

Jon is the type of person that inspires us from person weight loss. By changing his outlook on food he was able to lose all the extra pounds without dieting! He just started eating foods that made sense. Actual food. Nothing from packages and boxes, but food straight from nature. He also focused on meditation … Continue reading Jon Gabriel

Kris Carr

What a vibrant woman! She is the true embodiment of a wellness warrior. After surviving terminal cancer she now thrives on a whole foods, plant based diet preaching love and acceptance in all aspects of my life. She is the one who kick started my journey in finding health and wellness and I know that she … Continue reading Kris Carr

David Wolfe

David is definitely the father of superfood awareness. He has so much knowledge about the abundance that mother nature provides and how we can utilize it to combat illness and promote beauty. You can find him promoting Nutribullets (which are a life saver) and working up simple juices that everyone can make. But he’s also … Continue reading David Wolfe

Joe Cross

He is an inspiration for proving that no matter where you are in life you can make a positive change and stick to it. After refusing to deem his chronic disease as normal he made a drastic lifestyle and decided to juice for 60 days. This allowed his body to start repairing after years of … Continue reading Joe Cross

Charlotte Gerson

Her husband founded the Gerson Institute in order to heal cancer through diet and lifestyle changes. The research and progress that has been made since they opened their doors is astounding. Now Charlotte is in charge and the survival rates are only increasing. If you or a loved one are facing the battle with cancer … Continue reading Charlotte Gerson

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