Lumie Body Clock

I recently purchased this alarm clock because waking up during the winter is quite a struggle, let alone waking up early enough to fit in a morning workout. I’m the kind of person who needs a gentle wake up, not a buzzer right next to my head waking me up when its pitch black outside.

The beautiful thing about this clock is that it wakes you up by imitating a sunrise. You get to set how gradual you would like the light to brighten which should hopefully wake you up more calmly, starting your day off stress free! And if you need a little extra push in the morning (which we’ve all had those mornings) you can even select a sound to play when its time to wake up, such as a rooster crowing, beach waves or as I chose, chirping birds. Let me tell you, I woke up in a state of pure bliss…. at 6AM this morning!

There are some other version of this type of alarm clock on the market so I thought I would give you, my readers, the low down before you go out and purchase one.


  • Set the duration of increasing light: 15, 30, 45, 60 minutes. For me 30 minutes if perfect, but it’s nice that it can accommodate to different preferences.
  • Set relaxing sounds. The chirping birds is amazing to wake up to.
  • Easy to install. Screw in the bulb (comes in the package) and plug it in and it’s ready to go.
  • Very pretty when illuminated. It has a soft warm light, very much like an early sunrise. Some clocks I saw used a very bright bluish light that reminded me more of a hospital than anything.
  • It has a FM radio.


  • It only has a 24 hour clock. Not a big deal but I’ve always used the 12 hour clocks so it took some time to get used to that.
  • I’m never sure if I set it correctly. I still have to set an alarm on my phone just in case.
  • The time is displayed very tiny. For those with poor eyesight like myself, the time can’t be seen across the room.
  • Setting up the alarm is not very intuitive. You have to go through all the settings, like current time and display brightness, each time you want to make a change to the alarm. Which for me is every night.

If this sounds like something that interests you I highly suggest that you get one. I can not explain enough how important it is to wake up relaxed and ease into the day. This will eliminate so much stress and anxiety and really start you off on the right foot.

I got the Lumie Bodyclock ACTIVE 250 (for those of you in the UK) (for those in the US)

Also check out Amazon (which is where I bought mine from), they have a lot of refurbished options if you are concerned about the price.

∗Just a side note I don’t work for these guys, nor do I profit from writing this review or a future purchase that you might make. I am just an avid health junkie who really likes to share helpful products with her friends!


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