classpass_bostonOkay so not exclusively local to Boston, but another major feature that this city has to offer. I joined Classpass last summer and it still has not gotten old for me. New classes are constantly being added and I’ve adopted a weekly routine that features all of my favorite workouts and instructors. I absolutely love this app!


For those of you who haven’t heard about Classpass let me tell you a bit about how it works. This is a monthly services that grants you access to an unlimited number of classes per month (though you can only attend the same studio 3 times per month). But with so many participating studios you will never find this to be an issue.

When I first moved to Boston this was my way of learning how to navigate the city. Each new class was an opportunity to explore a new part of town which is really exciting. Plus it introduces you to so many people and helps you build a strong community of like health-minded people to keep you focused on your goals.

They have an array of different classes you can take which helps broaden your skills and interests. You can take barre, yoga, Pilates, martial arts, boxing, rowing, cycling and dance classes just to name a few. I’ve always been interested in dance so getting to try out a few classes without committing to a membership was ideal for me. Now I go once a week to let my inner ballerina a chance!

I will say the scheduling process can get sort of competitive. You learn very quickly which are the most popular classes because they fill up quickly. If you’re thinking about Barry’s in Downtown you will have to be prepared to schedule it precisely at Noon a week beforehand. Instead of seeing this as negative, I like to think it helps me be less of a procrastinator.

Whatever your reasons are I guarantee that you will not be disappointed giving Classpass a try. Even if you don’t live in the Boston area it is available in majority of the big cities. Check out their website at The monthly fee is about $100/mo but you get access to so many studios! It’s a great deal especially when you compare it to gym memberships.

Make sure to use my code and we both get $20 off for the first month! Plus you can cancel anytime, so if it’s not your cup of tea there is no penalty.

*Just a side note: I am not affiliated with Classpass in the slightest (just an avid enthusiast about products that make healthy lifestyles stick!) and beside the referral code, I do not benefit from this post.


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